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Use Plenty of Fixtures & Don’t Direct All of Them Down

I have noticed that most people don’t have enough light fixtures in their rooms. You can’t simply add higher-wattage bulbs to add light because that creates glare instead of sparkle. The better alternative is to have plenty of fixtures providing a mixture of general, task and accent lighting. Another common mistake is only to light…
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Use Natural Light

Selecting the proper lighting for your home is a complex process. To give your home a more professional lighting treatment overall, you should start by evaluating the natural sunlight that comes into your rooms. Why? Natural light is by far the best room brightener. If you are fortunate to live in an area where natural…
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Change Bathroom Hardware

Changing bathroom hardware is a great idea. We consider decorative hardware the "jewelry" in a bathroom. Replacing hardware with the latest styles is a quick and easy way to update your bathroom. If you visit a decorative hardware store, you will quickly see that there are hundreds of different styles of bathroom cabinet hardware, mirrors,…
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