Use Plenty of Fixtures & Don’t Direct All of Them Down

I have noticed that most people don’t have enough light fixtures in their rooms. You can’t simply add higher-wattage bulbs to add light because that creates glare instead of sparkle. The better alternative is to have plenty of fixtures providing a mixture of general, task and accent lighting.

Another common mistake is only to light rooms downward, which leaves the entire ceiling in shadow. Lose that single overhead fixture and go for a balance of lamps combined with recessed lighting. When light is directed upwards, it bounces off the ceiling. This brightens the room and creates the sensation that the ceiling is higher and the room larger than it really is. Torchieres and wall-mounted up lights are the way to add this type of lighting. Another inexpensive way to add some up-lighting is to place a miniature spotlight on the floor that shines up through a plant. This will add light and interesting plant shadows that can animate an otherwise plain room.

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