Foyer Chandeliers

The foyer chandelier is the first thing your visitors will notice when they enter your home. Invest in the best fixture that you can afford. It should be in keeping with your overall décor style. I have, however, seen styles mixed very successfully. In other words it might be visually appealing to introduce a dynamic crystal traditional chandelier in a contemporary setting. Such a mélange of styles is difficult to achieve successfully and a trained eye will likely help you with this important design decision.

In foyers, and more often in dining rooms, we surround the chandelier at ceiling level with some form of embellishment such as a ceiling medallion. In our design work for our clients, we often take such ceiling medallions and enhance the surrounding ceiling area even more by using original techniques of faux painting. Gold or silver leaf motifs are especially effective. The beauty of your light fixture will be significantly enhanced through this treatment.

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