Perla Lichi Named to Complexions Contemporary Ballet Board

Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Coral Springs, FL – February 2, 2015 Perla Lichi, ( an international interior designer with offices in Florida and Dubai, has been named a board member of Complexions Contemporary Ballet (CCB), announced CCB’s 2015 Board President DeJuan Wilson.

The dance company was founded in 1994 and features a ground breaking mix of methods, styles and cultures that has created an exciting vision of human movement over the past 20 years. CCB is a globally recognized performing arts brand, having performed to over 300,000 people on five continents and in over twenty countries.

Ms. Lichi has enjoyed a commanding presence in the design world for over three decades. With a client roster that extends to celebrities, CEO's and royalty, her work has been widely celebrated in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and personal appearances around the world. She continues to expand the Perla Lichi brand through her design work and the development of proprietary lines including fabrics, custom throws, furniture and more.

Complexions Co-Founders Dwight Rhoden (l) and Desmond Richardson

As a CCB board member, Ms. Lichi will provide leadership and direction and help build long-term professional relationships with private donors and corporate partners. Each CCB board member is challenged to engage in trendsetting projects with vision and to always exceed expectations.

"The viewpoint Ms. Lichi brings to Complexions Contemporary Ballet is invaluable as our strategic priorities have grown to include more diverse offerings to a larger global audience." said CCB’s Artistic Director, Co-founder and Choreographer, Dwight Rhoden.

“Words cannot express the level of Ms. Lichi’s reach, both as an international business person and arguably one of the most creative minds in her industry.  We are humbled to have her on our board and look forward to growing the Complexions brand with her,” said Desmond Richardson, CCB’s Artistic Director, Co-founder and Artist in Residence.

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About Complexions Contemporary Ballet

It is artistic directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson’s lifelong appreciation for the artistic and aesthetic appeal of the multicultural that forms the cornerstone of Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s singular approach to reinventing dance. Founded in 1994, Complexions’ groundbreaking mix of methods, styles, cultures has created an entirely new and exciting vision of human movement over the past 20 years. The company’s foremost innovation is that dance should be about removing boundaries, not reinforcing them. Whether it be the limiting traditions of a single style, period, venue, or culture, Complexions transcends them all, creating an open, continually evolving form of dance that reflects the movement of our world—and all its constituent cultures—as an interrelated whole. Together, Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson have created in Complexions an institution that embodies its historical moment, a sanctuary where those passionate about dance can celebrate its past while simultaneously building its future. In the 20 years since its inception, the company has born witness to a world that is becoming more fluid, more changeable, and more culturally interconnected than ever before—in other words, a world that is becoming more and more like Complexions itself.

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