View Latest Perla Lichi Video on YouTube and Facebook

Coral Springs, FL - July 13, 2014 The latest Perla Lichi video featuring Perla, Jeff Shanley and Client "Testimonials" is now available for viewing.  Go to and click Youtube to view. Or, go direct to YouTube and search for Perla Lichi.

The Coral Springs showroom serves as a backdrop for much of this beautiful video, and there are clips from many other of Perla's videos.

See all of Perla Lichi's videos on YouTube

On Facebook YouTube, the newest "Testimonials" video is at the top, but fans can click on any of her videos below to view any one of them.

Perla Lichi also recently linked her Pinterest boards to Facebook.  Many of Perla's installations are available for viewing and pinning.

Perla appreciates every one of her fans who follow her on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.


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