Perla Lichi: Global Businesswoman

October 2014 International Business Feature in SFBW Magazine.

Interior Designer Perla Lichi is the subject of a major feature story in Lifestyle Publications new SFBW Magazine.  The story by Ivette Figueroa describes the designers distinctive style and how it translated into success in Dubai and beyond.

The designer describes how she got started in Dubai, opening her first showroom there in 2009 when everyone was panicking and leaving. "I was pretty much the only game in town. I got projects in the local market. The local people were still going to buid and needed a designer and I was there."

She also describes her ability to travel extensively and how she manages jet lag. "I run everything on my iPhone. Even with an eight-hour difference, there are no issues. We are in touch all the time."

Her advice to others: "Don't be afraid of expanding internationally. Everyone looks at websites from everywhere. Why not broaden your business?"

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