Accessory Installation

Accessory Installation


We will select and place accessories in your newly designed and decorated home. You only buy what you love after you see every piece of art and every accessory, in place, within your own rooms.

Accessories in interior design refers to those items that provide your spaces with aesthetic enrichment and embellishment. These items provide visual delight for the eye, textural interest for the hand, and often stimulation for the mind. Accessories will be selected to support the design concept of your space and to reinforce design principles of rhythm, balance, texture, pattern and color. Accessories can help tie your design elements together, or they can sometimes serve as a focal point.

Artwork – Selection and placement of artwork can emphasize strong design elements or alter the perception of the proportions of the space.

Collections – These have personal meaning and create an opportunity for repetition of form, color, texture or pattern.

Plants – These visible signs of nature bring their expression of life and growth to interior spaces. Artificial plants can closely resemble living plants and can substitute for them where use of live plants is limited.


Family heirlooms, specialized collections, items collected from over a lifetime – these really imbue the home with personality. My advice is: use them, use them and use them! Let us know from the beginning if you have accessories or artwork that you want us to incorporate into the design of your home.

There are many ways to display collections effectively and enhance the design of the home. The key is not to scatter but to group them.