Space Planning

Space Planning


Space planning is at the heart of everything we do. We take careful measurements so that final results fit together in perfect harmony. You will review our plans and together we will determine your best choices.

As professional designers, our space planning is not limited to placement of furnishings. We can knowledgeably make suggestions about relocating electrical wiring, internal walls, windows, doors and other structural alterations in order to develop the most ideal space plan.

Even with new construction there are often “traffic flow” problems that we can solve through professional space planning. Designers use drawings in many ways. Presentation drawings are used to demonstrate to you the merits of our design proposal. Construction or working drawings are required to provide graphic instructions for the production or building of the design elements.

Designers use the drawings to record what exists, work out ideas and speculate and plan for the future. Throughout the design process, we use drawings to guide the development of an idea from concept to proposal to construction reality.