Perla Lichi, ASID, is a Florida state licensed professional interior designer who has been designing homes in South Florida and around the USA for more than 30 years. During the last decade she expanded her company internationally while maintaining her strong South Florida presence. Her outgoing personality and gregarious nature are well suited to her chosen profession that involves meeting and dealing with people day in and day out.

She is a champion of encouraging people to hire a professional interior designer. She knows that people will save money in the long run, have much better results, and avoid the angst that comes from attempting to venture into home interior design without the proper training and experience.

She has published five popular coffee table books, most recently, Palaces of the World that focuses on her extremely high- end work on large estate homes. Three previous books were published in a series entitled “Beautiful Rooms” and carry her philosophy of encouraging everyone to hire professionals for all interior design projects.

Perla Lichi’s work has been widely celebrated in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and personal appearances around the world. Her book, Palaces, was featured in The New York Times. She continues to expand the Perla Lichi brand through her design work and the development of proprietary lines including fabrics, custom throws, furniture, and more.

She recently re-organized her company and her marketing approach to better serve four specific market segments. These are LUXURY HOME, HOME, MODEL HOME, and HOSPITALITY.